Where to trek in Autumn 2016?

Start Planning now !! AUTUMN arguably is the best trekking season  in Nepal, with clear weather, stunning views of mountains and moderate temperature. September to November is the month were you will get the best of Nepal though keep in mind the popular trails will be crowded.

Without wasting anytime let’s look at the list of some of the trek you can do in the Autumn.

Everest Panorama Trek

Everest Base camp trek nepal
For those of you who want to experience the majestic aura of Mt. Everest but have very limited time to spend in the Himalayas, Everest Panorama Trek can a viable alternative to Everest Base Camp Trek. Everest Panorama Trek is one of the most popular Everest region treks belongs right at the top of a list of more popular Everest Treks. It is an adventurous Everest package that allows trekkers with busy schedule experience world’s tallest mountain without having to compromise the thrill.

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Annapurna Panorama Trek

Annapurna Region is the most popular trekking region of Nepal and rightly so. It is arguably the most panoramically gifted regions of Nepal and it takes something really specially to be able to be called this in the land of Mt. Everest. Located northwards of Pokhara, Annapurna Panorama Trek takes you through the Annapurna massif with splendid views of Manaslu, Lamjung, Dhaulagari, the Annapurnas as well as many other Tibetan mountains.

Annapurna Panorama Trek is a fairly easy trek. The trails are not much physically demanding when compared to other trails in the Himalayas and the trek will be completed in less than two weeks itself.

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Rara Lake Trek

rara lake autumn trek nepalRara Lake Trek offers a unique window to enjoy wilderness. Numerous birds add music to the serene surrounding.  You trek through unrivalled natural beauty to reach Daphne Langa Pass at an altitude of 3,500 m (11,480 ft). The hills are blanketed by pine and juniper forests and the valley underneath are in mostly prairies. The trek, at times, can be strenuous and requires trekkers to camp in many parts.

One of the biggest lake in Nepal the enchanting lake is situated inside Rara National Park at an altitude of 2,980 m (9,837 ft).

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Manaslu Circuit Trek

manaslu circuit trek autumnThe best all-round trek in northern Nepal, Manaslu circuit trek can certainly be a great alternative to Annapurna circuit trek. Still relatively unexplored, Manaslu trek leads to high Himalayan passes through ethnic Tibetan villages, with the spectacular views of snow-peaks and campsites.

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Langtang Helambu Explore Trek

langtang helambu trek autumnHelambu is located within the Langtang region in the northern Nepal. The desolated landscape of Helambu, Langtang is mainly inhabited by the ethnic tribe of Tamang. The valley also includes some of the famous mountains in the region, Langtang Lirung (7,246m/23,772ft), Gang Chhenpo (6,388m/20,958ft), Dorje Lakpa (6,966m/22,854ft).

Langtang-Helambu trek can prove to be an adventure-filled cultural tour of Himalaya. The region is famous for its Tibetan influenced Buddhist monasteries, Gosaikunda Lake and apples.

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Note:It is suggested by the officials for the trekkers to be accompanied by a guide during the trek.

Tamang Heritage Trek

tamang heritage trek autumnThe latest addition to the list of wonderful trek trails in Langtang region, Tamang Heritage Trek, gives you the opportunity to behold the rich cultural tradition of the Tamang. Etymologically, Tamang originates from two words in Tibetan language. “Ta” means Horse and “Mang” means Warrior in Tibetan language.

Tamang Heritage Trek offers you to enjoy a mixture of Tamang traditions, beautiful Himalayan Mountains and adventurous trekking experience.

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