5 Trekking Destinations in Nepal That Have Been Ignored For Far Too Long

Travelers worldwide consider Nepal as one of the most loved tourist destinations. The world knows Nepal by its collection of some of the tallest mountains, medieval monuments and range of adventure activities Among these activities, Trekking in Nepal makes the top half of the adventure seekers everywhere.

Here are 5 of those trekking destination in Nepal which have been ignored far too long.


Dolpo is a high-altitude culturally Tibetan region in the western Himalaya of Nepal. Situated in the Trans-Himalaya of Nepal, bordering with Tibet (China) in the north Dolpo offers an exquisite adventure-travel experience of remote and rugged mountain terrains of Nepal.

Duration Max Elevation Trek Style Best Months
20+ Days 5,190m/17,023ft Camping Mar-Oct

Still largely unexplored it is one of the remotest and least exposed areas of northern Nepal offering rare opportunities to explore many unseen parts of the region. [More on Upper & Lower Dolpo]

Tsum Valley 

Isolated from the modern world, the Tsum valley was opened for tourists in 2007. The name ‘Tsum’ came from the Tibetan word called ‘Tsombo,’ meaning vivid. Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley situated in northern Gorkha, Nepal, against the majestic backdrop of the Ganesh Himal and Sringi Himal and Boudha ranges.


Max Elevation Trek Style

Best Months

16+ Days

5,093m Tea House Mar-May & Sep-Nov

Least known to the outside world, this serene Himalayan valley is rich in ancient art, culture and religion. Many religious and archaeological relics still intact and unexplored at many places. [More on Tsum Valley Trek]

Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu Circuit Trek (Traverse trek) is a popular trek in Nepal. The best all-round trek in northern Nepal , Manaslu circuit trek can certainly be a great alternative to Annapurna circuit trek.


Max Elevation Trek Style Best Months
17 + Days 5,135m/16,847ft Tea House

Mar-May & Sep-Nov

Still relatively unexplored, Manaslu trek leads to high Himalayan passes through ethnic Tibetan villages, with the spectacular views of snow-peaks and campsites.  Officially opened in 1991, officials grants permit to access this restricted to limited number of trekkers each year, therefore, adding further appeal to the trek. [More on Manaslu Circuit Trek]


Rolwaling trek can be a great adrenaline rush trek in Nepal. Crossing over one of the highest passes of the world, Tashi Lapcha Pass (5,755m/18,881ft), to get into the Khumbu Valley has made this trek popular among adventurers.


Max Elevation Trek Style Best Months

25 Days

5,755m/18,881ft Camping Mar-Jun & Sep-Dec

Rolwaling valley is located in the east-central region of Nepal, along the Tibet border, containing several ethnic Sherpa villages scattered in the region. Rolwaling Himalayan range includes Melungtse (7,181m/23,559ft) and Melungtse II (7,023m/23,041ft) and Gauri Shankar (7,134m/23,405ft), with some other 50 additional peaks. [More on Rolwaling Trek]

Makalu Base Camp

Makalu Base Camp Trekking opens windows to enjoy both the high Himalayan Mountains and the cultural life that thrives on their laps.


Max Elevation Trek Style

Best Months

25 Days

5,000m/16,404ft Camping

Mar-Jun & Sep-Dec

The trek offers some of the most outstanding sceneries of lush tropical greens of Arun Valley, Makalu and its tributaries as well as Khumbakarna mountain range. The highlight of the trip will be the rarely seen Kangshung face of Everest, which can be seen from the Makalu base camp. [More on Makalu Base Camp Trek]

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Manaslu Accessible for Trekking Again.

Manaslu Region Trek, the best all round trek and a great alternative for Annapurna Circuit takes you to the most remote region of Nepal in comparison to some of the established trekking destinations.

manaslu circuit trek nepal

The two horned mountain is ranked the 8th highest in the world with the height of 8,163 m (26,781 ft) .

Opened for trekkers in 1991, Manaslu still is relatively less explored. What make Manaslu the best all round trek is the high Himalayan passes, ethnic Tibetan villages, with the spectacular views of snow-peaks and campsites.

The case scenario after the April 2015 earthquake.

  • Triggered Landslide
  • As a result the river changed course eastwards
  • The trails at Jagat Gaun in Sirdibash and Yaru Bagar in Kerauja were swept away
  • Villagers and trekkers were forced to use lengthy and dangerous diversions
  • Tourism dired, Villages consequently were cut-off threatening locals livelihood

Manaslu made easier for trekking and locals again

With the financial help of UKaid, the construction of a 195 meter long steel cantilever pathway, said to be the first of its kind in Nepal, has been completed and is expected to ease the journey of northern Gorkha locals and trekkers.

manaslu circuit trekking

A cantilever pathway constructed with the British aid, in June 2016. Photo © UKaid

The alternative road was much more difficult and long, now with the construction of the cantilever pathway the routes are more safer and easier. Resulting the obstructed trekking routes to reopen for trekkers and safer routes for locals.

According to the UKaid, around 8,000 locals in eight northern VDCs of the Gorkha district would benefit from the structure.

 Manaslu Circuit Trek Outline Itinerary 

Day 3 : Kathmandu to Arughat (550m/1,804ft), 8-9 hrs drive

Day 4 : Trek to Liding (860m/2820ft), 5 to 6 hours walking

Day 5 : Trek to Korlabesi (970m/3181ft), 5 – 6 hours walking

Day 6 : Trek to Salleri (1,360m/4460ft), 5 – 6 hours walking

Day 7 : Trek to Deng (1,860m/6100ft), 6 – 7 hours walking

Day 8 : Trek to Ghap (2,380m/7806ft), 3 – 4 hours walking

Day 9 : Trek to Lho (3,180m/10430ft), 4 – 5 hours walking

Day 10 : Trek to Samagaon (3,450m/11316ft), 5 – 6 hours walking

Day 11 : Acclimatization day at Samagaon

Day 12 : Trek to Samdo (3,860m/12660ft), 3-4 hours walking

Day 13 : Trek to Larkya Phedi (4,460m/14628ft), 3 – 4 hours walking

Day 14 : Cross the Larkya La (5,135m/19842ft), trek to Bimtang (3,590m/11811ft), 7 – 8 hours walking

Day 15 : Trek to Tilje (2,300m/7544ft), 5 – 6 hours walking

Day 16 : Trek to Chamje (1,430m/4690ft), 5 – 6 hours walking

Day 17 : Trek to Syange and drive to Kathmandu (2 to 3 hour walk), 6 – 7 hours driving

Click here to know more about Manaslu Circuit Trek !!

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